Friday, October 31, 2014

Seattle area warned about landslide risk

Today, the Seattle Times published a warning about the risk of landslides due to recent heavy rains: Heavy rains bring increased risk of landslides, SPU warns. "With rain late Thursday and Friday morning, Seattle exceeded the official U.S. Geological Survey’s landslide threshold."

In addition to taking the steps outlined in the article, homeowners should take a look at the insurance policies. Homeowner policies typically do not cover damage caused by land movement or a landslide if the underlying case is excessive water.

There are options for homeowners who wish to have coverage in the event of a landslide. Consumers can purchase a rider that covers the contents of their home from all perils, including landslides. Some companies also sell earth-movement coverage for any structures on your property. Flood insurance may cover landslide damage that is due to heavy rains. Your insurance agent or broker can tell you what type of coverage is best for your situation.

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