Wednesday, May 14, 2014

OIC hiring position to ensure health plans offer adequate networks

We have a second position open for a Functional Program Analyst 3 position to work in our Tumwater headquarters. This position differs a little from the position we announced last week.

This person in this position will review all health care and disability insurance plan agreements to make sure they meet our new network adequacy rule, which takes effect on May 26. Under the new rule, all health plans must:
  • Have an adequate number of medical providers and facilities to support delivery of and access to covered services without unreasonable delay.
  • Provide access to care in a timely manner and within reasonable proximity.
  • Ensure that medical providers who serve predominately low-income, medically underserved individuals (called, Essential Community Providers) are included, based on the needs of the population served.
Health plans in recent years have narrowed their medical provider networks as a way to lower health plan costs. Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has stated often that he supports health plans' efforts to keep down costs for consumers, but that cannot come at the expense of consumers' access to health care.

This position requires a bachelor's degree and two years' experience working with the insurance industry or regulation of the insurance industry, and with contracts and databases.

We will start reviewing applications on May 19. Read more about the position, including how to apply, on