Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Food for thought when planning Super Bowl party

If your Super Bowl party gets out of hand or you find yourself with an unruly guest, our consumer advocates shared a general overview of what your homeowner insurance may cover. You should check your own policy to find out exactly what you are covered for.

If someone is injured at your home

Generally, homeowner policies have two types of coverage that could apply.

Premises medical (guest medical) is designed to cover medical expenses (each policy has its own limit) that occur from an on-premises, accidental injury. Premises medical is a more direct payment method to pay for, or reimburse, the injured guest for related medical expenses.

Liability would cover an injury to a guest if the homeowner was found to be negligent, and the negligence was the cause of the injury. For instance, if a homeowner failed to repair a falling-down porch and a guest was injured on it, the liability portion of the policy could cover the injury.

If a guest causes damage at your home

If an unruly guest damages your home or your belongings—such as a beer bottle launched at the TV after a bad play—it might be classified as vandalism and covered by your policy, subject to the policy deductible. The homeowner’s insurer may seek collection action against the unruly guest for reimbursement. The guest may have his or her own homeowner policy that includes liability coverage; however, it would likely not apply because intentional acts are excluded from personal liability coverage.

If you have renter insurance, check your policy for what type of damage is covered and check your lease for what type of damage you are responsible for.

Be prepared for guests

Any time you invite guests to your home, whether it be a Super Bowl party or any other gathering, it’s your responsibility to ensure your home is safe and that your guests are reasonably safe. That includes being responsible with providing alcohol to your guests, making sure there are no obvious hazards and generally taking the same precautions for your guests’ safety as you do for your own.

Before the game, talk to your insurance agent about what is and what is not covered in your policy.

You can find more information about home insurance on our website.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and go Seahawks!