Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hearing: Proposed acquisition of Western United Life Assurance

Commissioner Kreidler has scheduled a 10 a.m. hearing on March 21 to consider a request to acquire Washington-based Western United Life Assurance Company.

Central United Life Insurance Company is proposing to acquire common shares of Western United Life Assurance Company from Western United's current owners, Global Life Holdings Inc. The acquisition would allow Central United to acquire all common shares of Western United and become its controlling entity.

Central United Life Insurance is an Arkansas stock life insurer with its headquarters in Houston, TX. It has been licensed in Washington since 1974. It writes mainly life and accident and health policies in Washington. Western United Life Assurance is a Washington stock life insurer with its headquarters in Spokane, WA and was established in 1963. Western United writes mainly annuity considerations in 16 states.

Any interested parties may submit letters of support or concerns or objections and/or may participate in the hearing by appearing in person or by telephone at no charge.

For more on this hearing, please go to our hearings archive and look forWestern United Life #13-0033. There you'll find details on how to participate in the hearing and view all documents filed in this matter.