Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Job openings: Market analyst and financial analyst

We have three job openings, both in our main office in Tumwater, Wash.

One is for a financial analyst. Duties include examining and analyzing insurance company financial filings and data to discern their financial condition, difficulties, trends and compliance with laws and rules.

Required qualifications include a bachelor's degree with major study in finance, business administration, economics or accounting; a CPA license or Accredited Financial Examiner credential, and three years of professional experience in accounting or auditing.

For a full list of duties, qualifications, and application information, please see the full job listing.

The other job openings -- two of them -- are for market analysts. These people -- this won't be surprising -- conduct market analysis and participate in data surveys, using data from various sources, including other states' insurance departments. They also review company information on Facebook, Twitter, carrier websites, agent sites and blogs.

The market analyst jobs require a bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field, although work experience may also be submitted. They also require two years of experience in life, helath or property and casualty insurance company operations. For details, application info, etc., please see that full job listing.

Thanks for your interest!

Insurance tips: "My PIP claim is months late. What's going on?"

Q: My auto insurance was supposed to pay for medical expenses under my Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage, but my insurer didn't pay all the bills. They waited for two months before making a decision. What's going on?"

Our consumer advocacy hotline gets questions like this fairly frequently. Insurers should be reviewing the bills as they are received. As a general rule, we would expect that an insurer would review the bills and make a coverage decision within 30 days of getting them. If there are delays, we'd expect the insurer to be able to explain why.

If you're having problems getting your insurance -- health, auto, homeowners, etc. -- to pay a claim, feel free to contact us. We accept complaints online 24/7, and have a toll-free consumer hotline (1-800-562-6900) staffed by experts.