Friday, March 11, 2011

Why to wear your seatbelt

A British team put together this extraordinary video to encourage people to wear seat belts. It's a big change from the scary crash ads we've all seen -- and it's probably more effective.

What a tsunami would look like in Seattle

The experts say it's inevitable that the Seattle area will be hit with another Tsunami similar to the one from 1,000 years ago. But now we have the technology to show you what it would look like.

(video courtesy of NOAA's Seattle Inundating Mapping Project)

Tsunami and insurance - what's covered

A Tsunami advisory was issued today in response to Japan's 8.9 earthquake. An advisory means that a tsunami capable of causing strong currents or waves dangerous to people near the coast is expected --- although widespread flooding is not expected.

What counties are affected? Check Washington's Emergency Management Division site for specific county information.

If you're concerned about property damaged by flooding or high waves, the National Flood Insurance Program has helpful information on:

Preventing flooding around your home
Pumping out a flooded basement
Protecting your home from back flow
Cleaning up and drying out your home

Unfortunately, if your home, business or property is damaged by increased waves or flooding, your typical homeowner's policy or commercial policy most likely will not cover it. You must have a flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program

Learn more about flood insurance, See if your home or property is in a flood zone and if so, what's your level of risk.