Monday, August 3, 2009

Jobless and worried about health coverage? Here are some ideas...

We've compiled a series of tips and suggestions for people struggling to keep their health coverage after losing a job. The page includes a county-by-county list of community clinics in Washington state, information on the federal COBRA law that allows former employees to stay on their health plan (if they pay the full cost) and information regarding veterans, Medicaid eligibility, and more.

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Kreidler predicts health care reform success

A good Q&A in Washington Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler shares what's different this time around in the national health care reform debate.

Excerpt: "... you're seeing the nature of the problem being redefined as an economic problem much more than a human or moral issue. I think we're starting to realize that the large employers who had historically been resistant to a national health insurance program now are stepping up and viewing it very differently." Click here for full story.