Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Make sure you are covered when you move

This is a popular time of year to move and it’s also National Moving Month. College students are moving for the summer and many families opt to move this time of year as well. Seattle media recently reported the theft of two fully loaded U-Hauls that contained the entirety of the consumers’ possessions. 
Here are some tips for moving, whether you hire a mover or do the move yourself:
  • Inventory your belongings. If need to make a claim, you will expedite the process if you know what you lost. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners has an iPhone app, an Android app and a printable PDF form.
  • Contact your insurance company to find out if your homeowner or renter insurance covers your belongings while you are in transit and to transfer your coverage from your old residence to your new residence.
  • If you rent a moving trailer or vehicle, make sure your auto policy covers your use of the vehicle before you decline the rental company’s insurance. Some auto policies exclude vehicles that exceed a certain weight.
Questions? Contact our consumer advocates at 1-800-562-6900 or online