Wednesday, March 26, 2014

If I have a child care business in my home, can my insurer cancel my homeowner policy?

An insurer cannot decline to issue a homeowner policy, cancel or fail to renew a homeowner policy for the sole reason that the customer operates a home-based child care, in accordance with state rules (WAC 284-30-700). However, insurers may exclude liability coverage for any liability that arises related to the child care business. People in Washington who operate home-based child care businesses should talk to an insurance agent or broker about seeking a separate business liability policy to insure themselves and their business in the event of a liability issue. Find a licensed agent or broker.

People who care for children in their homes typically require a license from the Department of Early Learning. Read more on DEL’s website.

People who run other home-based businesses should contact their insurance agent to find out what types of coverage they may need.

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