Thursday, January 23, 2014

Does homeowner insurance pay for fixing a botched home repair job?

My contractor did poor repair work on my home, and my insurance company won’t pay for fixing the work. Doesn’t my insurance have to pay for it?

Consumers often ask us about this. Unless your insurer gave you no choice but to use its recommended contractor(s), the answer is no. If you chose the contractor, then the resolution will be between you and the contractor. If the contractor does not fix the work, then you may need to seek legal advice about your options. Generally, a contractor will try to resolve such issues, so we recommend that you first try to work it out with your contractor.

By the way, the situation is the same for auto repairs. If you chose the repair shop, then resolution needs to be between you and the shop. If you chose a shop recommended by your insurer, then we would expect your insurer to help you resolve the issue.

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