Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Insurance policies are hard to read, but it’s important to do so

When you buy any type of insurance policy—for auto, home, or any other type of insurance—it’s important to review it to make sure the information is accurate. Here are a few things you should check and the reasons you should check them:
  • Your name, address and contact information: This seems self-explanatory. However, in addition to being sure you are the person who is covered, the company needs to be able to send you billing and policy information. If they send the bill to the wrong physical or email address and you don’t pay the bill, they will cancel your policy for nonpayment. If they send you a cancellation notice and you don’t receive it, you won’t know you aren’t covered against a loss. Avoid all of that and make sure your personal information is accurate.
  • Items to be covered, covered amounts and premiums: Are the items listed in the policy the same items you sought coverage for? Is the coverage amount adequate to replace the item if it’s destroyed or stolen? Does the premium being billed the match the amount you were quoted?
You should receive a copy of your policy no later than 30 days after you purchase it. If you don’t receive one, contact your agent or insurer as soon as possible.  You can find agents, brokers and companies' contact information on our website.
It’s your responsibility as the consumer to review the information in your policy and notify your insurance company of any corrections that need to be made. Silence on your part is considered acceptance of the policy contract and all of its content. If there’s something incorrect in your policy, you may experience problems when you have a claim.
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