Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Note to agents and brokers wondering about their role under health care reform and the Exchange

Are you an agent or broker wondering what your role will be with Health Care Reform and the Washington Healthplanfinder, also known as the Washington Health Benefit Exchange? We get frequent questions from agents about this.  

How the Exchanges are set up varies by state. Here in Washington, the exchange is a separate entity from the state's insurance regulator (that's us).

The Exchange holds monthly public meetings to discuss agent requirements, business processes and to help determine agent/broker training and certification in order to access the Exchange system.

To participate in future meetings and find out what you need to do in order to become Exchange trained and certified,  information is posted at

If you want to attend the next teleconference on May 1, 2013 contact the Exchange at .

(Note: This is actually a repost of a post we put up early this morning. It was the easiest way to fix a font error. The wording's unchanged.)