Monday, April 2, 2012

King County woman pleads guilty to forgery and attempted fraud

A King County woman has pleaded guilty to attempted fraud and forgery for trying to claim weeks of injury-related lost wages after an auto accident. The problem: She didn't have a job at the time.

Ka'Yah M. Alexander claimed that a 2010 accident in the parking lot of a Memphis, Tenn. hotel left her unable to return to work for 37 days due to her injuries. She sent a demand letter to Travelers Insurance, seeking $10,000 for lost wages, pain and medical expenses. She also sent the company a letter, purportedly from the group home where she worked, saying that she was on medical leave from work.

An investigation by Travelers and by the state insurance commissioner's Special Investigations Unit determined that the work-loss letter was not authentic.The company provided a termination letter showing that Alexander had been let go from her job two days after the accident.

Alexander pleaded guilty last month. She was sentenced to fines and community service.