Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New report: Fixed-payment insurance policies decreasing in Washington state

Fixed payment insurance plans pay a specific amount -- $25 per doctors visit, say, or $200 a day for a hospital stay -- regardless of the bill. The patient pays the rest.

Plans like this allow employers a way to buy minimal coverage for employees. But it's not comprehensive health insurance. The medical bills may be much more than what the plan pays out.

Each year, we survey fixed-payment companies doing business in Washington state, and compile the results into a report on fixed payment insurance plans.

Here's what we're seeing:
  • Sales for group policies have decreased significantly, as has the number of group enrollees. (Group enrollees decreased by 88 percent.)
  • Among individual plans, the number of policies and enrollees both decreased.
The full report -- click on the link above -- includes a breakdown in the number of policies sold by each company.