Tuesday, December 22, 2009

IIHS rates 60 booster seats: Test results

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the same organization that does crash tests, has come out with new ratings for dozens of children's booster seats. The key measure was how the seats do what they're supposed to: position children properly for adult-sized seat belts.

The critical things to look for, according to the IIHS:

-The lap part of the belt "should fit flat across a child's upper thighs, not the soft abdomen"
-and the shoulder part of the belt "should cross snugly over the middle of the shoulder."

Here's a list of the 9 models that did best.

Here's are 6 more rated as good.

And here are 11 rated "not recommended."

Insurance news: Anthem, AAUG, and a new study: Which states are the happiest?

Legal Newsline reports that the Connecticut attorney general is unhappy with insurer Anthem and its contracts with local hospitals.

In Washington, D.C., former insurance commissioner Thomas Hampton's joined a local law firm.

Also in D.C., the health care debate rolls on: The NY Times reports on the difficulty of trying to merge the House and Senate bills.

In Florida, AAUG and affiliates were given a cease-and-desist order for allegedly selling unlicensed products there.

And here's a bonus round that admittedly has little to do with insurance: A new study ranked states by their residents' levels of happiness. Washington came in 36th. The happiest? Think Mardi Gras.

And the lowest? Well, we'll put it this way: You don't want to be in a New York state of mind.

We couldn't agree more...

The New York State Insurance Department is urging homeowners to consider flood coverage, saying that homes in high flood risk areas are three times more likely to be flooded than to face something that virtually everyone insures against: fire.

Where to find it? Here's a link to the federal flood insurance program.